Amy Knifong, Children’s Ministry Leader

Hi, I’m Amy Knifong, the Children’s Ministry Leader for Cornerstone Baptist Church.

I am responsible for children ages 3 to 5th grade for Cornerstone Kidz and Vacation Bible School. I enjoy watching the kids grow and learn what the Lord has in store for their lives.


My husband and I grew up in Missouri and met in college. We were married in 1997, and we have two children, Dylan and Kayla. We moved to Colorado in 2006 and love it here.


Associates in Child Development


June 29


Places: I love Hawaii, the Colorado Mountains in the summer, and my back patio.

Books: I love to read. My favorite books are mysteries.

TV: I like to watch Castle, Reign, Hart of Dixie, most mysteries, and HGTV.

Sports: I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan (I’m from Missouri), then a Broncos fan. I like hockey, but I don’t have a favorite team. I love watching my son play hockey and our daughter do gymnastics. I like watching all the different sports in the summer and winter Olympics.

Movies: I like to watch movies, but I think my favorite is Goonies!

Hobbies: I enjoy scrapbooking, hanging with my family and friends, gardening, anything creative.

Dislikes: I really, really do not like cleaning, but I love things to be organized. I dislike trying new foods. I try to do them both anyway.

Odd / interesting Facts: I’ve lived in 5 states. I grew up camping every summer from the age of two until I got married.