The purpose of this page is to help keep us informed concerning the Hillside Baptist Church Replant.

This Sunday, December 30, a team from Cornerstone will lead the worship service time at 10:45.  Feel free to join us there.


*We are voting on a Transitional Team on 1/6/18
*We are looking for volunteers for a V-Team
(contact us if you would like to serve once, monthly, for 6 months, or a few years, or any other combination)
(contact us here)

If you have questions about the replant, email and we’ll include answers here.

Please check this page often as new questions/answers will be added as they come in!

Contact Pastor Tree or Tom Macy for information about how to help.

We are.  Do you know someone or is it you?  Contact us to begin the conversation.


Hillside Baptist Church
Greeley, CO